HostGator and GoDaddy are household names when it comes to web hosting service provision. Both of them are highly lauded when it comes to their fulfillment of tasks and promises. However, they are also very frequently petted against each other. The following offers a comparison of the two domains.

  1. Reliability and Uptime guarantees:-

HostGator:- Hostgator provides its users with a confident 99.9 % uptime guarantee. Moreover, it promises a credit applied, following the month of hosting, to its customers, in case the guarantee is not met with. This, however, is done if a well enough reason is provided to the domain, because they seem to have discretion regarding whether to apply for the credit.

GoDaddy:- This domain also provides its users with 99.9% uptime guarantee, as mentioned on their websites. However, it does not mention its policy if it fails to keep its commitment.

  1. Security

Security is a very important feature that the domains must provide to their customers, given that the customers’ entire websites’ healths depend on it. Data compromization in form of hacking, power failures, natural disasters, theft of hardware, etc. can prove to be lethal for websites. Both the service providers seem to pay special attention to this aspect.

HostGator:- This domain does weekly backups and malware scans to spot any suspicious activity. While this may not be very frequent, it must be understood that the data centers of this domain are exceptionally security conscious, with multiple layers of protection. Moreover, staff is present 24/ 7/ 365 in its office, which means that a problem is resolved as soon as it is spotted.

GoDaddy:- GoDaddy is more frequent in backing up data and scanning malware. In fact, it does it every day! The entire websites and files are backed up and stored in cloud. However, users are charged a monthly fee for it. Other than that, the systems of this domain block an average of 2.5 million attackers, with malicious intents, every hour. The data encryption is also very powerful.

  1. Extra Features

HostGator :- HostGator provides its users with a free domain name for the first term of every site they create using the domain. Also, if someone wishes to migrate his/ her site from another domain to HostGator, he/ she may do that without any fee being charged to him/ her.

GoDaddy:- GoDaddy provides to its customers free website builders to create new websites. Also, customers are free to choose their domain names for free, for the first term, given that their hosting package is at least a year long.