Chinese Immigration

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Timeline of Chinese Immigration

A timeline of Chinese immigration in America from 1839 to 1943

Foreign Miners Tax

Excerpt from a California state tax on miners of Chinese descent

California Codes

Excerpt from a law which prohibits interacial marriage

Chinese Exclusion Act

Excerpt from U.S. law that suspends Chinese immigration to the United States

Amendment to Political Code 1662

Excerpt from California law which enacts segregated schools for Chinese children

Publication of Immigration Restriction League, No. 38

A summary of U.S. immigration figures between 1902 and 903

On Chinese Immigration
Hinton Rowan Helper - 1850's?

Excerpts of statements from author Hinton Rowan helper on Chinese immigration

A Chinese Merchant's Appeal to Congress
Pun Chi - 1860

This is an excerpt of Pun Chi's message to Congress regarding the injustice of disallowing testimony from the Chinese in court

Mark Twain's Observations about Chinese Immigrants in California

Excerpts from Twain's book, Roughing It, originally published in 1972

Mary Cone Describes the Chinaman in California
Mary Cone - 1876

This is an excerpt from Mary Cone's book Two Years in California written to describe her experiences and observations of immigrants in California

David Phillips Discusses "the Chinese Question"
David Phillips - 1876

A favorable and empathetic view of the plight of Chinese agricultural workers in California

A Memorial from Representative Chinamen to Pres. Grant
Lee Ming, et al - 1881

This is an excerpt of a letter from several Chinese men to President U.S. Grant about the treatment of Chinese immigrants in the U.S.

Enactments So Utterly Un-American
Constance Gordon-Cumming - 1884

Excerpts from the travel letters of Englishwoman Constance Gordon-Cummings on her experience in California

Chinese Menace to the World
Thomas Magee - 1885

This is an excerpt from an address to the American public about the debilitating effect of cheap Chinese immigrant labor on the American labor force.

A Mother Protests Against the Denial of Equal Education
Mary Tape - 1885

Letter that argues against the segregation of Chinese schoolchildren

Duty of Every Citizen
San Francisco Call - 1901

A brief excerpt from a speech by Los Angeles Mayor Snyder

Chinese Question One of Race
San Francisco Sunday Call - 1901

Excerpt from Mayor James D. Phelan's address at the Chinese Exclusion Convention

Chinatown is a Menace to Health
San Francisco Call - 1901

Exerpts from a speech to Congress regarding health concerns relating to Chinese immigration

Observations About Denis Kearny
Edward Holton

An excerpt from Edward Holton's book, Travels with Jottings, about his concerns about the treatment of Chinese in California





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