Chinese Immigration

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Angelic heathen

The Angelic Heathen

At Frisco
At Frisco


From Ching sai yat po

capital stocks cartoon

Capital Stocks

certificate of residence

Certificate of Residence


How the Chinaman Goes it in San Francisco

Chinamen must go

The Chinamen must go

Chinatown alley

Chinatown Alley

Chinatown Storefront

Chinese agricultural workers

Chinese Agricultural Workers

Chinese American men

Chinese-American men

Chinese butcher

A Barter

Chinese children

Group of Chinese children

Chinese immigration wall

The Americanese Wall

Chinese life

Chinese Life: Dupont Street

Chinese miners

Celestial empire in California: Miners/Gamblers

Chinese price list

Cantonfleur price list

Chinese public school

Chinese Public School Children

Chinese trader

A Barter

decorating China

Decorating China

Dr. Chen

Dr. P.Y. Chen

East West China cartoon

Eastward the Star of Empire Returns

great fear

The great fear of the period That Uncle Sam may be swallowed by foreigners

Heng Tai card

Heng Tai card

immigrant worth

The San Francisco Sunday Call

massacre of Chinese

Massacre of the Chinese at Rock Springs, Wyoming

Nanking Fook building

Nanking Fook Woh Co. Inc.

son of merchant

Re. Hom Shung, son of a merchant

welcome to all

Welcome to all

which color taboo

Which color is to be tabooed next?

work on Pacific railroad

Work on the Last Mile of the Pacific Railroad – Mingling with Asiatic Laborers

Chinatown street

Reconstruction scene looking west towards SF Bay




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