Great Depression

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A Timeline of New Deal legislation

A brief timeline and explanation of major New Deal programs

The Depression in the United States--An Overview

Summary of the Great Depression from Modern American Poetry

...Roosevelt and the New Deal

Summary of the New Deal from Modern American Poetry


Income Data

Charts on income data and the share of disposable income going to the richest 5%

Summary of the Farm Security Administration

National Archives summary of the purpose and scope of the FSA

An End to Civil Works

Article critiquing New Deal


You Have Seen Their Pictures

Article overviewing the Farm Security Administration photographers

The Farm Security Administration

Review of Farm Security Administration Photo League exhibition

Homesteaders - New Style

Article summarizing how resettling southern tenant farmers on land of their own can lead to self-support

"I'd Rather Not be on Relief"

Song lyrics reflecting the Dustbowl migrant experience



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