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A Place in the Sun

A speech by Kaiser Wilhelm II to the North German Regatta Association, 1901

The Diamond Fields of South Africa

Anthony Trollope, 1870

On Colonies and Colonization

John Stuart Mill, 1848

On French Colonial Expansion

Speech Before the French Chamber of Deputies, Jules Ferry, March 28, 1884

The Rise of Our East African Empire, reporting on the attitude of natives in Zanzibar on trade with the British and its effects

Captain F. D. Lugard, 1893

Petition of the Chiefs of Brass Regarding Trade on the Niger to the British Colonial Secretary

The Earl of Derby, 1877

Urging the Annexation of The South Sea Islands

Letter Published by John G. Paton, New Hebrides Mission from British Missionary Letters: , 1883

A Study, compiled from the Dictionary of Political Economy

Hobson, J.A., Imperialism, 1902

Excerpts from article “Ultra Imperialism”

Kautsky, Karl, published in Die Neue Zeit, a German socialist theoretical journal, 1913

The Amazon and Madeira rivers; sketches and descriptions from the note-book of an explorer

By Franz Keller, engineer, 1875

Excerpt from pamphlet entitled, Imperialism: A Special Stage of Capitalism regarding establishment of colonies as a step in capitalism

Lenin, Vladamir, 1917

Commissioner Lin's letter to Queen Victoria after being appointed as the Imperial Commissioner to limit trade in Canton

Jan. 15, 1840



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