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South Asia

Bengal Railway

Looking down East Bengal Railway line into mountain valley

Indian men lumber

Benares - men sawing wood on the banks of the Ganges

Coolies jute

Coolies transferring bales of jute from boats at Saraghat

Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling - two men carrying baskets of tea

India boxcar

Seven men at door of freight car

India sheep

Sheep being unloaded by hoist off steamer

Indian building railway

Indian workers constructing railway coaches

India elephant

Elephant working, India

India cheetah

Chetah [i.e. cheetah] used for hunting, India

Weighing tea

Weighing tea: Ceylon

East Asia

Singapore coffee

Singapore Coffee plantation

harvesting rataan

Harvesting rattan

rubber tree

Five people among rubber trees, Singapore

shanghai women

Foreigners enjoying the out-of-door life in a park in Shanghai, China

cartton china

Unprepared--doesn't have to fight / W.A. Rogers.

spheres of influence

Spheres of Influence, China, 1910.

trans siberian railway

Horse-drawn wagon (Bayunka) in a clearing of the Eastern Siberian Railway

Latin America

Rubber tree

Tapping a rubber tree, Motagua Valley, Guatemala

Smoking rubber

Smoking rubber, Brazil

Balsam tree

Balsa tree, Salvador

Argentina dock

Argentina - Buenos Aires

Coffee hacienda

Coffee hacienda, Costa Rica

Amazon explorer

Explorer, with Indian, on raft, in the Amazon Jungle, South America

Salt mining

Salt mining, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

diamond mine

Mr. Vidigal's Diamond Mine in the Jequitinhonha River (Removing Gravel)

brazil map 1910

Viação ferrea do Brazil em 1913

coffee pickers

Coffee berry pickers, Brazil / Colhedores de Café

coffee plantation

Carts loaded with coffee leaving the plantation, state of São Paulo, Brazil

packaging coffee

Packaging coffee for shipment, State of São Paulo, Brazil erica

Pacific Northwest

alaska bank

Miners and Merchants Bank of Alaska

gold mill

Gastineau Gold Crushing Mill

cutting whale

Cutting up a blue whale

measuring grain

Measuring height of grain on government farm

alaska gold mine

Tunnel at Juneau Mine

alaska fish

Fishing boat, cod and halibut / W. B. Miller.

walrus task

Walrus tusks

trapper with hides

Trapper with hides and dogs in canoe

fur dealer

Loading copper on railroad car

fur dealer

Eskimo fur dealer

saw mill

Saw mill, Duncan, Alaska


Southern, Sub-Saharan and East Africa

british empire

British Empire throughout the world exhibited in one view.

africa before europeans

To the Committee and Members of the British Association for Discovering the Interior Parts of Africa This Map Is with Their Permission Most Respectfully Inscribed (1802)

africa 1896

Stanford's Library Map of Africa; New Edition (1896)

unloading boat

Unloading gold from boat

american bridge

Bridge on the Uganda Railway made of American steel and put in place under American direction, Africa


Drying cloves at Zanzibar

railway africa

Man building railway planned by Cecil Rhodes near Broken Hill, Rhodesia

steam ship

Steamer ARMANDALE CASTLE at Paul's wharf, Durban, Natal, South Africa

tobacco in rhodesia

People working among tobacco plants, Rhodesia

gold miners

Black, Chinese and White laborers in a gold mine in South Africa

diamond mining

Diamond Mine, South Africa


Uncut diamonds gathered by five different mines in two days, Kimberley, South Africa / F.H. Hancox, photo

rubber tree

Africa, rubber tree


Colliery, Rhodesia

diamond mine

Premier Diamond Mine (in South Africa?)


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