Lewis Hine and Social Change

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Child Labor in the Carolinas
Alexander Jeffrey McKelway - 1909

This document was written for the National Child Labor Committee by Alexander J. McKelway, Secretary for the Southern States and includes a large number of interview excerpts from Lewis Hine

Child Labor in the Cotton Mills of Mississippi
Lewis Hine - 1911

Excerpt from Lewis Hine's notes in documenting child labor in cotton mills in Mississippi

Portrait of a Photographer
Elizabeth McCausland - 1938

Excerpt from an article about Hine in Survey Graphic magazine

Lewis Hine and His Photo Stories
Deborah L. Smith-Shank - 2003

Excerpt from an essay written about Hine in Art Education

Past Masters
Weston Naef - 2004

Reflections on the contributions of Lewis Hine

Lewis Hine: Two Photographs (poem)
Robert Gibb - 2002

A poem about two of Hine's photographs

Child Labor Laws in All States
National Child Labor Committee - 1912

Excerpts from a National Labor Committee document urging uniformity in child labor laws in the U.S.

Keating-Owen Child Labor Act of 1916
64th Congress of the United States of America - 1915

This from national child labor act

1900-1930 Census Bureau Data Chart
U.S. Census Bureau - 1900; 1930

Table summarizing employment rates of children 10-15 between 1900 and 1930



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