Lewis Hine and Social Change

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Young Girl Berrypicking

Laura, a nine-year-old berry picker on Rock Creek, near Baltimore, Md. Been working in the South two winters.

Children Stringing Beans
Group of workers stringing beans in J. S. Farrand Packing Company, Baltimore, Md.

School Children Picking Berries

Children picking berries near Philadelphia

Girl Carrying Bushels

Ten year old girl carrying berries

Children Picking Cotton

All these children five years, six years, seven years, nine years and two a little older, were picking cotton on H.M. Lane's farm Bells, Tex.

Girls Cotton Picking

Cotton pickers on a farm near Houston

Children Working Tobacco

10 year old tobacco leaf boy and three "stringers," 10, 12, and 13 yrs. old.

Young Boy Drivers Coal Mine

Young Drivers and Trapper Boy, Brown Mine, Brown, W. Va.

Coal Mining Boy

Young coal mine driver

Tipple Boy

Young mine worker

Boys on Railroad

Three Boys Shoveling Zinc Ore from Car Into Wagon, Near Big Bonanza Mine, Aurora, Mo.

Young boy coal miners

Breaker boys working in Ewen Breaker of Pennsylvania Coal Co.

Carrying In Boys

Boys working at Indiana Glass Works

Glass Blower Boys

Blower and Mold Boy, Seneca Glass Works, Morgantown, W. Va.

Girls and Boy Glass Wrapping

Girls, boys and men, polishing and wrapping, working together

Boys Do Glass Work

Boys at Lehr, Economy Glass Works

News Boys Prepping

Boys prepping for paper routes near Brooklyn Bridge

Boy Chicken Vendors

Young Chicken Venders, Sixth St. Market, Cincinnati.

Girls Eating in Mill

Lunch time, Kesler Mfg. Co.

Boys Climbing

Some boys were so small they had to climb up on the spinning frame to mend the broken threads and put back the empty bobbins.

Girl in Mill

A young girl spinner takes a glimpse of the outer world at the Rhodes Mfg. Co.

Two Girls Sewing

Two girls sewing

Boys Walk to Work

5:30 A.M. Boys going to work Hill Mfg. Co., Lewiston, Me.

Getting work papers

Children getting work papers

Girls learn dressmaking

Working Girls Learning Dressmaking in the Free Evening School.

Berry pickers shack

Interior of one family room in upper floor of one of the berry-pickers shacks

10 person shack

A shack for a berry picking family of 10

Duncan family

The Duncan Family, West Point, Miss. All in the cotton mill except mother and babe.

Bedroom conditions

Housing conditions, Elm Street, Pawtucket, R.I.

Home work

Family working at home




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