Native Americans

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Arctic Indians


Mihkoyak, a Nunivak village

Mihkoyak, men’s house at winter camp


At Nash Harbor


Hooper Bay homes


Looking to Sea, King Island


On the cliff edge, King Island


Housetops, King Island


Village at Little Diomede


Home structure, Diomede


Underground housetops with whale-rib drying racks


Home structure, Cape Prince of Wales


Dialects and Hunting Territories of the Coast Eskimo of Alaska,

Fish-drying racks

Kaiak with Seal Hunting Equipment

Ready for the Throw


Herring racks

Drying whale meat

Food caches, Hooper Bay

Umiak and crew, Cape Prince of Wales

Start of whale hunt, Cape Prince of Wales

Berry Pickers

The Beluga

Cutting up a beluga

Food containers

The seal-hunter


Ready for sealing



Ceremonial Mask


A grave-post

Boys in Kaiak

Nunivak children

Fur Coat, Uyowutcha - Nunivak

Woman in Hood, Ola - Noatak

Family Group - Noatak

Woman and child - Nunivak

Kobuk costume

Kenowun - Nunivak

Waterproof Parkas, Nunivak

Girl’s Costume, Nunivak

Holiday costume, Nunivak

Duck-skin parkas, Nunivak

Noatak child

Noatak man

Ground-plan, roof-plan, and section of Eskimo men’s house

Dishes, Nunivak


The ivory carver, Nunivak

Drilling ivory, King Island

Bark dishes, Kobuk



Plains Indians

Medicine Headdress

Interior of the Sun Dance Lodge (Cheyenne)

Buffalo Dancers, Animal Dance (Cheyenne)

The wolf, animal dance (Cheyenne)

Modern Blackfoot burial

A Medicine Bag

Frame of the sun-lodge (Piegan)

Sweat Lodge Opening, Woman Helping Standing

Grass Dancers

White Grass holding the Dancing Pipe]

Men-singers with painted medicine drums

Spear Woman doctoring, drumming

Rattle doctoring, using medicine whistles

Fleshing a hide – Blackfoot

The story-teller (Ponca)

Blackfoot cookery

Cutting rushes (Mandan)

Contents of Arikara tribal medicine bundle

Birchbark baskets (Cree)

The Chief (Assiniboin)


Mother and child

Moss for the baby-bags, Cree

Women at Campfire

Assiniboin camp near the Rocky Mountains

Painted tipis (Assiniboin)

Woman chopping firewood, Eagle tipi in foreground, Star tipi on left

Tipis by forest

Heavens Peak with tipis

Thunder Tipi of Cream Antelope

Two women inside tipi

Two men, three horses near two tipis in front of forest and mountains


Picking blueberries (Cree)

Cree boatwomen

A Beaver-bundle (Blackfoot)

Peeling pumpkins (Wichita)

Peeled squash (Wichita)

The buffalo plains

Buffalo-berry gatherers (Mandan)

Sioux hunters

Drying meat

Buffalo herd

A Typical Blackfoot

Cheyenne baby-carrier

Cheyenne footwear

An Arapaho

Woman’s costume and baby swing (Assiniboin)

A Blackfoot Soldier

Spotted Eagle and Big Smoke

Brings Down the Sun and his Wife

Two seated male Indians, one with eagle feather bonne

Three young girls

Northern Blackfoot Indian from Alberta in a war bonnet with eagle feathers and a buffalo horn

Map of the Indian tribes of North America, about 1600 A.D. along the Atlantic, & about 1800 A.D. westwardly

North American Indians as Witnessed by Edward S. Curtis, based on a map based on a map by Mick Gidley in The Vanishing Race (1976).




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