Transportation in the Post-Industrial World

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Lake Street and an elevated train viewed to the west from a vantage point above the elevated tracks.



Shoppers on State Street, with a streetcar approaching curved track and a two-horse team pulling a wagon in the foreground.



Smoker (train car) on the Chicago and Oak Park elevated line with people sitting on benches on either side of the car facing inward



Twelfth Street Bridge with an electric streetcar crossing on one lane and horse drawn wagons crossing in the opposite direction



Students and their transportation at a one-room school, early 1900s



Chicago Daily News delivery man sitting on a motorcycle, delivering newspapers curbside, dark exposure.



Fourth Avenue, Louisville, Ky.



Katherine Dunham and her daughter Marie Christine board an airplane in New York bound for Rome, 1953 [photograph]



Levittown houses. Mrs. Robert Berman, residence at 3626 Regent Lane



Aerial view of a planned pre-fabricated housing development in Levittown, Pennsylvania



AMF "Smog Burner" up for California Smog Board approval



Composite photograph showing Los Angeles, California on a clear day (March 2) and on a day (March 31) with dense smog



A Greyhound bus trip from Louisville, Kentucky, to Memphis, Tennessee, and the terminals. Passenger on Greyhound bus. She is moving from Ohio to California and chose the bus so she could see more scenery, but is disappointed in the hills of Tennessee



Baltimore, Maryland. Continuous stream of trolleys carrying workers from the Bethlehem Fairfield shipyard to downtown Baltimore disgorges passengers who rush for other trolleys and buses. Trolleys from other parts of the city are sent to this route at hours of the shift change in order to take care of the traffic and follow each at one minute intervals



Interstate trailer truck. Elko, Nevada


Asks $2,000,000,000 for super highway. Washington, D.C., Feb. 14. Sen. Robert Bulkley, D. of Ohio, who introduced a bill authorizing a bond issue of $2,000,000,000 to begin construction of a national system of ten superhighways, the entire cost when completed will cost about $8,000,000,000, the system will be self liquidating through reasonable toll charges and sale of highway frontage, the Senator is shown with ruler mapping the proposed highways, 2/14/38



Aerial view of the partially completed Hollywood-Santa Ana Freeway in California



View of the Great Railroad Wreck



Denver pollution. Gas pumps with 8 to 10 gal. limits, if any gas



"This here country ain't big enough for both of us" / Herblock.






Transportation. Freight car movements. With transportation assuming vast new importance in wartime America, movement of freight cars must be accomplished with the fullest efficiency and speed. Loss and diversion of ocean carriers which served our seaboard cities have thrown an enormous burden upon the railroads



New York - Fly TWA



Barge of cattle



New 1955 Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs fresh off the assembly line in the Kansas City, Kansas plant of GM's Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac Assembly Div. In the background other cars are still proceeding down the assembly line



Army truck manufacturer (Dodge). A veteran factory worker, typical of the many seasoned craftsmen in the automobile industry, busily engaged in handling doors on the cab of an army truck



Combination chemical fire engine, Hoquiam, Washington, Fire Department



New Coast Guard boat capable of 35 miles an hour. Washington, D.C., May 17. One of the fastest things afloat, the new U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat #441 was put thru its paces on the Potomac River today for the benefit of treasure officials. The cruiser, which is one of eight to placed in law enforcement and life-saving service of the Coast Guard, is powered with four 1600 horsepower motors and is capable of doing 35 miles an hour, 5/17/1937



Fireman with 2 horses and fire engine in front of firehouse, 11th and Lucas, St. Louis, Mo.



Blimp, Zeppelin No. 3, on ground



The remodeled 1905 Wright machine, altered to allow the operator to assume a sitting position and to provide a seat for a passenger, on the launching track at Kill Devil Hills. This is apparently the only photograph of this machine taken by the Wright brothers in 1908






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