Women's Suffrage

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Suffrage Parade

Suffrage Parade 1915

Suffragette Headquarters, NYC

NYC Picketing

Suffragettes Picketing in NYC

Crowd Breaking

Crowd Breaking Parade Up

Suffrage Parade

Josephine Beiderhasse and Inez (Milholland) Boissevain in Suffrage Parade

March Program

Official Program of the Woman Suffrage Procession, March 3, 1913

WIlson Niece

Suffragettes/Niece of President Wilson

Newspaper Parade

Page of Women’s Journal

Suffragettes Car

Alice Burke and Nell Richardson/Golden Flyer

Suffrage Parade

Suffrage Parade

Election Day

Election Day!

Suffrage Broadsides

Distributing Suffrage Broadsides

LIberty Parade

Liberty/Suffrage Parade

Girl Flag

Showing Banner to Young Girl

Help Us Win

Help Us Win the Vote


The Feminine of Jeckyll and Hyde

Suffragette Flag

Suffragettes with Flag

Votes for Women

Votes for Women

Daughter Cartoon

His Daughter!/National Anti-Suffrage Association

Women taking census

Woman Taking Census

Sewing stars of Suffrage Flag

Sewing Stars of Suffrage Flag

Suffragettes casting votes

Three Suffragettes Casting Votes

Inez Millholland

Inez Millholland

Lucy Branham in prison dress

Lucy Branham in Occocquan Prison Dress

NWP at GOP convention

Ready for the GOP Convention

Stanton and Anthony

Stanton and Anthony

Lucy Branham

Lucy Branham with Posters

Suffrage Jail

Woman Suffrage/In Jail

Jail Release

Doris Lewis Released from Jail


Wilson Banner

Opposed to Suffrage

Anti-Suffrage Association

Lucy Burns

Lucy Burns in Occoquan Workhouse

Talking to Picketeer

Couple Talking to Picketer

Carrie Catt

Carrie Chapman Catt Portrait

Suffrage Paraders

Suffrage Paraders

NAWSA Headquarter

NAWSA Headquarters

Women at Parade

Bair, Wood, & Burleson @ Parade

Jas Ralph

Mrs. Jas Ralph


National Women’s Party Interior

NAWSA Speaking

Rankin Speaking from the Balcony

Women Picketeer

Suffrage Pickets

Gardener and Chapman Catt

Helen Gardener and Carrie Chapman Catt

Gov Sproul

Gov. Sproul Signing Suffrage Amendment

White House Bonfire

Bonfire on Sidewalk in Front of White House

Polls Attractive

Making the Polls Attractive

Alice Paul

Alice Paul Portrait

Mabel Vernon

Mabel Vernon Speaking at Rally




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